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Contacts Care

Can I wear contact lenses when I’m sleeping?

Contact lenses should not be worn overnight.

 Is Contact lenses the thinner the better?

Not absolute. For soft contact lenses,

Thin contact lenses increase comfort but formability

Poor, not easy to wear properly, while the lens is easy to dry and dehydrated

Causes the cornea to dry and stain, and the lens is easily damaged.

Contact lens water content, the higher the better?

Not necessarily. Many of the contact lenses that advertise high moisture content are more likely to dry their eyes. Because it will suck tears like a sponge to maintain its shape and wet Degree, blocking the normal exchange of tears, wearing a long time easier to create Corneal dehydration.

 Yearly contact lenses,how long can wear?

Soft contact lenses will absorb dust, and tears of protein and other substances, will accumulate on the surface of the lens over the long term, it is recommended not to wear more than 10 months.

 Can I wear contact lenses while swimming?

No. The pool of microorganisms contaminates the lens, and the water may wash away the lens. In addition, do not wear when doing spa, hot springs, when the water temperature is high, the lens is easy to dehydration, sticky in the eye is not easy to pick.

 Who is not suitable for wearing contact lenses?

Diabetes, pregnant women, and diseases involving the immune system: Wearing invisibility can affect glandular secretion in the eye and can cause dry eyes. Irregular astigmatism, myopic patients with corneal neovascularization on the limbus: Can not wear soft contact lenses.Menstrual women: it is best not to wear, this time during the increase in intraocular pressure, eye congestion around the easy, there are dysmenorrhea even worse.

Tips for wearing contact lenses

If you wear contact lenses every day, it is best not to exceed 6 hours, it is best to take off when you sleep, while taking care to wear health, timely cleaning.

Haze days

Increase the number of blinks, so that the tears evenly distributed in the ocular surface; outdoor, try to wear frame glasses; go back, wash your eyes with running water in time, reduce bacterial adhesion time; if you must use contact lenses, daily disinfection in the care solution not less than 12 hours , In order to effectively sterilize; remove the invisible after wearing glasses in time to allow the cornea to breathe, exchange nutrition.

Follow these suggestions:

     1. Before each contact lens, wash hands with soap and water, dry hands with a clean towel.

      2. Do not wear contact lenses to sleep unless your ophthalmologist can say.

  1. Avoid contact lenses with water. Avoid bathing with contact lenses and remove contact lenses before entering the hot tub or swimming.
  2. Use special contact lens disinfectant for cleaning every time you remove contact lenses. Never use water or saliva.
  3. After each use, use a dedicated contact lens solution to clean contact lenses, never use water. Then wipe dry with a clean tissue.
  1. Replace your contact lens at the time indicated by your ophthalmologist.
  2. Change the contact lens case at least once every 3 months.
  3. Use fresh contact lens solution only in the contact lens case. Never mix fresh care solution with old or used care solution.